Calvin Cosnahan, Pastor

Reverend Calvin Cosnahan is a native of McComb, MS and lived there until 2007. He attended the University of Mississippi as an undergraduate and also as a law student. He became an attorney in 1981 and returned to McComb to begin practicing law. He practiced law for almost 20 years, when the Lord called him into ministry. In January of 2000, he transitioned out of law practice and worked in real estate while pastoring his first appointment in Fayette United Methodist Church and his next appointment at Vaiden UMC.

In 2010, he returned to law, working in Tupelo, and worked there until 2013, when he was appointed to a full-time position as Associate Pastor at Christ United Methodist Church in Jackson, MS.

Rev. Cosnahan graduated from the Memphis (TN) Theological Seminary, and was ordained as an Elder in the United Methodist Church at the 2018 Mississippi Annual Conference.

Rev. Cosnahan has two adult daughters and has been married to Christina (Tina) since May 11, 2013. Tina has been teaching music for over 30 years and currently teaches orchestra at Power-APAC School of The Arts. She is an accomplished violinist, and plays with the Mississippi Symphony Orchestra in Jackson.  She has 3 adult children and 3 grandchildren.

Our Core Values

Faith in Jesus Christ guides us in all things. – John 14:6

The Holy Bible is the Word of God. – II Timothy 3:16

Authentic worship is vital for life with God. – Psalm 100:2,4

Prayer is central to our lives with God. – James 5:16b

All people matter to God and to us. – Luke 19:10

Loving relationships permeate our community. – John 5:12

Giving our best honors God and inspires others. – Colossians 3:23

Small group involvement is essential for christian growth. – Hebrews 10:25

Unity of purpose requires commitment from every member. – Ephesians 4:16

Every christian is called to a life of service. – I Peter 4:10

We have a responsibility to care for God’s glorious world. – Genesis 2:15